Good For Business

Creating an environment where driving alone is not the preferred way to commute offers many benefits for employers, institutions, staff and students. GoManitoba offers you the opportunity to:

  • Improve and expand transportation options for employees.
  • Increase the geographic reach of your potential employee pool.
  • Encourage healthier and more sustainable modes of transportation (carpooling, transit, cycling, walking).
  • Increase employee health with active travel.
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism with active commuting.
  • Achieve or make progress on sustainability goals.
  • Contribute toward corporate social responsibility objectives.
  • Reduce parking pressures and potentially lower maintenance costs.
  • Add fun to employees' commutes and enhance social connections.

Tip: Consider allocating prime parking spots to carpoolers – access to preferential parking can be an attractive incentive to form and maintain a carpool group.

Create Your Own Dedicated Subsite 

There are many benefits to having your own dedicated subsite on GoManitoba.

NEW FOR 2020: Thanks to sponsorship from The Winnipeg Foundation, we are offering a three-year 50% discounts on subsites, and FREE build fee.   

To get started, contact GoHappy{at} or call (204) 925-3777 ext 102. 

  • Emergency Ride Home coverage for your participating employees.
  • Custom Branding and URL: Your workplace’s branding, text and images.
  • Multi-modal Solution: Supports all sustainable travel options like carpooling, cycling, walking, transit and telecommuting.
  • Advanced Matching Technology: RideShark’s matching algorithms are the most advanced in the world. They match users based on proximity to origin, destination, actual travel route, and personal preferences.
  • Incentives & Gamification: You can reward your employees for participating and logging their trips. You set the rules and incentives!
  • 24/7 Administrative Portal: Access your information at any time securely. Filter, map, export your data at any time.
  • Trip Logging Calendar: RideShark’s trip logging calendar allows users to log their sustainable trips – a diary for commute activity!
  • Data Privacy and Security: Database security is RideShark’s priority. Using the latest technologies available, they make sure that your data is protected and stored in Canada.
  • Unlimited Administrators: RideShark offers multiple administration levels so you can assign roles and responsibilities for strategic areas of your program.