The Emergency Ride Home program provides employees at workplaces with a GoManitoba subsite with reimbursement for transportation used during unplanned events and emergencies. ERH is like an insurance policy for sustainable commuting; it gives employees peace of mind when they choose to carpool, bus, bike and/or walk to work. Employees who use a sustainable mode of travel to commute to work are eligible to have their emergency travel costs reimbursed by Green Action Centre, the administrators of GoManitoba. 

Employees arrange the transportation that is most convenient during the emergency, such as taxis, on-demand rides, or rental cars.Green Action Centre administers GoManitoba and reimburses employees to a maximum of $35.00 per Emergency Ride Home. Employees are responsible for all costs incurred above this limit. Employees cover all costs up-front when transportation is required and Green Action Centre will reimburse claims, but cannot pay for transportation up-front. Employees can submit claims online via email or regular mail. The online downloadable claim form provides instructions for submission. Employees must retain all receipts and are responsible for submitting all information required by Green Action Centre to verify claims. Claims must be submitted within two months of the day of the ride. Claims without receipts will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. Once the claim is reviewed and verified by Green Action Centre, employees will be mailed a cheque to their work address.