GoManitoba Carpooling FAQ

How much should carpool passengers pay?

This is perhaps one of the key questions asked by potential carpoolers and, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. In carpools where driving is equally shared, no money usually changes hands as each member is using their personal vehicle an equal amount of time. When only one person does the driving, or when there is an unequal split of driving responsibilities, the cost-sharing arrangement must be discussed by those in the carpool. The carpool members are free to base the costs on whatever they may choose.

How much will I save by carpooling?

Depending on your vehicle and driving patterns, the cost per kilometre of driving a vehicle can range from approximately $0.40 to over $0.80 per kilometre, (see the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) at www.caa.ca. If you can share in the cost of commuting to and from work by carpooling with others, your potential savings are significant.

Do I have to carpool every day?

No! You can carpool every day or only a few days a week. You and your carpool members decide upon the schedule. Some people even belong to two carpools - you may carpool with one carpool on Mondays and Wednesdays and then join a second carpool for the remainder of the week.

What do I do if the people that GoManitoba matches me with don't really live that close to me?

It takes time for people to register and to populate the database. If you don't find any compatible partners on the first try, come back again in a week or two.

What happens if I'm sick?

Call your carpool partner or follow the chain of communication that was established at your initial meeting. If you're the driver, try to give as much advance warning as possible.

What happens if I oversleep or I'm late?

Being late, or having to wait longer than anticipated, is one of the most common reasons that carpools fail. Just like a bus, carpools work best when they are on a defined schedule. Being on time is just as important in a carpool as it is with transit. Each carpool should have clearly defined guidelines for how long they will wait.

What if I have a doctor's appointment or errands to run before, after, or during work?

Schedule your appointments on the days you don't carpool. Sharing a ride on those days may not make sense.

What if I have to drive my child to day care or school?

If the other members of your carpool don't have similar arrangements, make the day-care centre or the school your pick-up and drop-off point. That way you can schedule your pick-up time to correspond to the time when you know your child is happily settled in for the day.

Note: If you are going to have a pick-up/drop-off point different than your home postal code, make sure you enter the origin and destination addresses of the location where you would like to be picked up and dropped off.

What if I have to work late?

If you know you have to work late on a particular day then don't carpool. Carpooling is meant to be a flexible and convenient arrangement. On those days when it is not convenient, commute to work in another manner. Take the bus or your bike, walk, work from home or bring your own car.

What if my carpool isn't working out?

Give your present carpool sufficient notice that you will be leaving. Go back to GoManitoba to find a new carpool partner and try again.