Why carpool? In addition to saving money and reducing vehicle wear-and-tear, carpooling also reduces stress, is more environmental, and gives you more time. Employers see a benefit through more employee engagement, less absenteeism, and reduced parking stress. Click here to learn more about carpooling.

Tips to create a successful carpool:

  • If this is a new carpool, suggest a getting-to-know-you meetup at a public place, like a coffee shop. Full Hints and Tips to Keep It Safe And Fun here!
  • Decide which days you want to carpool and if you’ll take turns driving. If one person does most of the driving, decide on the amount and method of reimbursement. The Federal Standard Mileage Rate is a good place to start.
  • Talk about where your carpool will meet. Park and ride lots can make great meeting places.
  • Decide on some ground rules around smoking, musical preferences and food and drinks in the car.
  • Communicate! Share your contact information and make sure you alert your carpool if you have a change in plans.
  • Be sure to check your insurance policy to make sure carpool members are covered.
  • Be flexible, considerate and patient. Plans change, and you may need to adapt.