About GoManitoba

GoManitoba’s goal is to bring sustainable, healthy commuting options to all Manitobans. Its purpose is to ease travel by helping to facilitate carpools, promote public transit use where available, and match bike and walk mentors. It is a quick, secure, and personal way to find your commuting options, simply using your home and work (or other destination) addresses.

It is a province-wide platform that connects individuals from multiple workplaces, organizations and communities. Choose to commute with others from your workplace or campus, or those who are simply travelling on the same route as you. Learn more about using GoManitoba here

We also offer workplaces, organizations and municipalities the opportunity to create custom subsites, allowing you to have a dedicated portal for your employees, students and residents, and the ability to access commuting data and offer rewards for using the system to reduce or eliminate the number of people driving alone. Does your workplace want a customized sub-site? Click here to learn more!

Options. Find a sustainable, healthy way to commute.